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How much is it to install a new pool deck In Tacoma?

Looking for a brand new custom pool deck to impress your friends and family or have a relaxing place to unwind? A beautiful pool deck can elevate your pool and backyard and create a beautiful space for you to swim or enjoy the sunshine. We can build a pool deck for your above ground pool, hot tub, or inground pool. Tacoma Deck Builders offers hassle-free and custom pool decks that will give you the perfect outdoor oasis. Enjoy the dry, warm Tacoma summer with a brand new and stylish pool deck to accompany your outdoor pool. 


We have been in the business for many years, and are more than capable of meeting all of your pool deck needs. We stand out from our competition with our attentive customer service, 24-hour availability, decades of experience, and expert tradesmen. Our tradesmen will take extra care in installing your deck and we make sure to use quality materials.

 In order to withstand the rainy seasons, we use PVC composite wood materials. These are weather-resistant and long-lasting. Since they include high-quality plastic, they are also resistant to rot. Tacoma Deck Builders is a longtime user of TREX materials, which have been proven to last and withstand the harshest of weather. They are also made from eco-friendly recycled materials.  We ensure that our customers are satisfied with the quality of our materials. It is incredibly important to us that your pool deck stays beautiful and intact for a lifetime. Along with the material, we also offer other accessories to accompany your pool including vinyl ladders, fences, and steps. 

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Your pool should be your escape. The color palette, material choice, and design are all aspects that come together to create the perfect at-home getaway. Your pool deck could be the perfect place to host get-togethers, relax after a long day, or spend quality time with family. At Tacoma Deck Builders, we have all of the means necessary in order to make your dream a reality. With a wide array of color palettes including neutrals, vibrant, and classic colors, you can choose what will fit your aesthetic. 

We also have a variety of the highest quality materials. We will very carefully plan out the execution of your new pool deck, and masterfully install it with ease. Our tradesmen have years of hands-on experience and know exactly how to build a reliable and stunning pool deck. With the constant rainfall in the cooler months, we know how important it is to have weather-resistant materials. Our TREX materials make it so that your pool deck will last and need minimal upkeep.

We would be more than thrilled to assist you with your new pool deck. Give us a call or email today and we can come up with a plan to build you the deck of your dreams. If you’re feeling unsure about the direction you would like to go, you can browse through our stock photos and color palettes. Once you have a vision, we can go over our affordable pricing. Soon you will have a beautiful pool deck to fit your needs.