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When thinking of a deck addition in Edgewood, Washington, you probably are picturing the perfect wooden deck with the exact space for your grill and outdoor furniture, creating the perfect entertainment or relaxation area for your backyard.


You’re right! Deck additions offer a rewarding way to improve the look, feel, and value of your home. Homeowners often see a large return when they invest in beautifying their backyards, but nothing beats a high-quality deck made to last. Just adding a picture of a backyard with a beautiful deck to a home listing can increase the selling price by thousands of dollars.


However, it’s really about enjoying those beautiful Washington days outside. There’s no place better to do so than on a customized deck addition.

Why Choose Our Service?


Everybody knows that Edgewood, Washington weather can be unpredictable in certain months. Hanging outdoors in the summer is a given, but you want your deck to last through the winter and spring when moisture gets into everything.


Our guarantee is that we’re always there for our clients, and we use top-notch materials to ensure the longevity and security of our custom decks. We are the deck building contractors in Pierce County that homeowners rely on because our service is dedicated and detail-oriented, we always go above and beyond for our customers.


Furthermore, we just build high-quality decks. If you can tell us your idea or need a professional opinion, we’ll excitedly draw up designs and get to work on creating your dream deck.


Whether you are looking for a small deck addition or something grander that will take your backyard to the next level, we’re the best Edgewood, WA deck builders to hire.


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Deck Construction Experts in Edgewood


First and foremost, we have the highest regard for our clients. We spend time learning what you like so that we can build the best deck possible. Customer service is always top of the list when it comes to our business.

Save Your Relaxation with Deck Maintenance


Nothing is worse than opening the backdoor and only to find that your patio is overgrown with weeds and mold, or that your wooden deck is sagging and unsecure. These are the best times to call your Edgewood, WA deck builder team.


We offer a variety of services to maintain your deck, whether you’re looking for a deep clean and repair, mold and mildew removal, staining, or a new addition for a BBQ space.


How can we improve your deck today? We’ll provide you with a free estimate with a complete breakdown of top-notch materials to ensure that your deck is restored exactly the way you envisioned.


Customize Your Backyard with a Residential Deck Designer


Looking for a pool deck or custom multi-level deck with a bump-out for your BBQ? We’ve got all kinds of ideas to create the perfect deck for your home. While wood decking continues to be the most popular, there are various types of wood materials and treatments to make your deck stand out and be completely unique.


We work closely with our clients, looking at cost, maintenance requirements, and aesthetic factors to ensure that you get a custom deck that also suits your needs. We’ll guide you through the design and setup process, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on materials, deck builds, and custom additions to satisfy your outdoor entertainment needs.


The Beauty of a Backyard Deck and New Porch Construction


Ah, the fresh air never smelled so good than when mixed with your pressure-treated new red cedar deck! There are all kinds of ways to beautify your backyard, but nothing says relaxation more than space perfectly situated for long sunny afternoons, laying out and enjoying the summer heat.


Many homeowners add decks to their homes because they want a space to relax and dine outside while enjoying BBQ parties and entertainment. It’s definitely worth the investment because home shoppers love to see a gorgeous wood deck with plenty of space to hang out outside.





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top rated decking company irvine ca.png

5/5 star customer rating



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5/5 star customer rating



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Free Estimate

We offer a turn-key, white-glove deck building solution for our clients. These are some of the decks we build, as well as the high-quality materials we employ to create these gorgeous designs.


Patio Decks


While many use patio and deck interchangeably, there are a number of differences between these two structures. While a patio is an outdoor space on the ground typically made from stone or concrete, decks are made from wood materials and are built above-ground, giving you a different view and lay of the land.


Commercial Composite Deck


For those looking for something new and low-maintenance, composite deck designs may be just the ticket. These are low-maintenance alternatives to a traditional wood deck, but they have the same quality and look. It’s a fast-growing design that has a longer lifespan than most wood decks, but you can still simulate the look and feel of cedar or rosewood. This is because these decks are made from recycled wood fibers and recycled plastic, making them extremely durable and resilient against natural elements.


Wood Decks


If you want to add a traditional wood deck to your property, that’s our specialty. You can’t go wrong with a high-quality wood material, especially cedar or rosewood. Of course, there’s always pressure-treated Southern pine decks as well. These decks suit a number of different designs, whether you’re looking for wrap-around styles or floating decks.


Pressure Treated Deck


For more durability, a pressure-treated deck is the best option. These are typically made from Southern yellow pine or another softwood lumber. When combined with chemical treatments, your deck resists termites, decay, rot, and other problems from the natural elements. These decks don’t require as much maintenance and also have a longer lifespan.


Cedar Deck


Beautiful cedar wood decks are popular in Washington homes. These stylish materials combine with light and dark stains for an incredible aesthetic that you’ll love to see outside your window as well as enjoy relaxing in.


Wrap Around Decks


You’ve heard of a wrap-around porch, but when combined with a deck, your custom porch becomes much more durable and exudes a pleasing, natural aesthetic. This is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home.


Multi-Level Decks


Do you have a large home and lots of families to entertain? If your backyard is large enough, there’s no reason why you can’t have a multi-level deck that includes all of the entertainment and relaxation areas you’ll love.


Floating Decks


Looking for a floating deck that rests on the ground? These are also known as freestanding decks and are much easier to build than an attached or deck addition. You also don’t need a building permit to create these decks, which is helpful if you simply want to upgrade your backyard with a wood deck area.




A freestanding or attached pergola offers shade and beauty to your outdoor deck addition. Wood decks combine beautifully with custom pergolas, which are typically made from vinyl, aluminum, wood, or plastic. Plastic lumber or composite lumber looks identical to most wood types but doesn't suffer as much wear from the elements.


Pool Deck

Pool deck construction can add a lot of value to your home and can completely transform your backyard living space! Our deck building contractors have years of experience in this field and have worked on hundreds of backyard deck projects. Find out what our deck design team can do for your home



Adding a balcony to your second story is the perfect way to get more views of your backyard and surroundings. We specialize in custom balconies that withstand the elements and use top-notch wood materials, such as cedar or rosewood. We can help you create the perfect spot to relax and look over your home.


Deck Restoration


Do you have an older house with a sagging, moss-covered deck? If you can't see the color of the wood and want to restore your deck to its original beauty, call on our WA custom deck restoration team.


Not only do we use advanced techniques to preserve and clean your deck, but we can also make custom modifications and fix warped or sagging areas of your outdoor deck.




For composite decks, we use the number one decking material called TimerTech. Known for its realistic wood grains and high resilience to the outdoors, it's a high-performing wood deck material that is completely sustainable. It also comes with a warranty and a highly-rated reputation by millions of homeowners.




Another one of our favorite, long-lasting composite decking materials is Trex. These are engineered wood decking materials made from sustainable resources. There are a variety of wood grains and colors to select, and it's budget-friendly. These decks will never rot, warp, or splinter either. You don't have to do much deck maintenance with these exceptional composite decks.