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Trex Decking Material In Tacoma

Trex Decking in Tacoma, Washington


Wood and composite decks do not always have to be your go-to or only option for decking materials. With Trex Decks, transforming your backyard with a new construction deck had never been easier. This next-generation decking material used in the Tacoma, Washington area has many features that wood and composite materials do not.


Tacoma Deck Builders offers more Trex Deck decks than any other decking contractor in the area. Trex decks are made out of cellular PVC, which eliminates all the negative attributes associated with your typical decks. Tacoma Deck Builders is your local and professional deck-building company. Contact us today for your Trex Deck estimate!

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Low Maintenance With Trex Decks

There are many decking products and companies that claim they are low maintenance, but none typically turn out to be so. Unlike other decks, Trex materials maintain their beauty and quality through the toughest weather conditions and time itself with hardly any effort.


Since Trex is made from PVC it doesn’t contain traditional wood fibers so mold and mildew will never be a problem for you! All you would need to do is occasionally wash your deck from debris and it will be as good as new.


Not only is Trex mold resistant but it is also stain-resistant to natural and man-made stains. Keeping wine, food, leaves, and other materials off your deck have never been easier!

Trex offers a strong scratch-resistant surface for chairs, screws, tools, and other items. This will keep your new deck looking brand new. The amazing look of Trex looks and feels like real wood but without any of the downside.


Your new deck will forever maintain its beauty for years to come. Call us today or send us an email to find out more about your new Trex deck!

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