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Tacoma Deck Builders is your premier decking company capable of building the perfect deck for your home with the best materials and high-quality craftsmanship services. Do you have a dream deck in mind? Do you want a composite deck, Trex Deck, Azek Deck, cedar deck, or another type of material? Are you looking for a decking contractor near you? We want to talk to you about your ideas for the best deck for your backyard. We’re Tacoma’s leading deck builders and believe that the best decks are those that let you take a break from the indoors. With our low material and labor costs we at Tacoma Deck Builders have been your proven deck company capable of delivering quality, durable, and beautiful outdoor decks in Tacoma. If you have a unique project in mind that needs something special or different like epoxy then we have the ability to do that too! Our partners at Jacksonville Epoxy flooring help us with all our special material needs. 

Why shouldn’t you enjoy the good old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine on a beautiful deck that will last for decades? Nothing clears the mind better like stepping outside for conversation and relaxation on your Tacoma custom deck. It’s the best way to enjoy life’s moments outdoors and refresh your spirit! We’re proud to help homeowners create moments with professional deck building in Pierce County and surrounding areas for many years. We can help you build your dream outdoor living space. Whether you are looking to install a brand new deck or you're looking to remove an existing deck and replace it with a full deck build or deck membrane replacement, then we are the decking company for you in the Tacoma Washington area. Ready to get started? Ask us about our deck building services, materials, and previous decks we’ve built.

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Get a Custom Deck for Your Home

There's nothing more enjoyable than hanging out on your own deck, customized with cedarwood and rosewood, as well as a protective seal that guarantees your deck will have a long life. Custom deck designs come in all shapes, sizes, and levels. Whether you're looking for a sun deck around your pool or a multi-level wood deck that's perfect for entertaining, our deck architects and builders work with you to create the perfect deck addition. Many homeowners don't realize the value of adding a brand new deck with custom deck railings. While perfect safeguards, these railings can also be customized with unique fixtures and patterns to enhance the look of your deck. The price of custom decks is mostly based on size and material cost. If you have a larger backyard and want a multi-level deck, the cost is considerably more than a floating deck or porch deck, which is typically less complicated to design and build.

The price of a new deck is determined by a multitude of factors including, are you installing a new deck or removing and replacing an existing deck? We provide a deck removal service if you need an old deck torn down. Do you need full board replacement, deck membrane replacement, full deck build, or our standard Tacoma deck installation service? 


Material cost depends on whether you're looking for real, natural wood-like cedarwood or rosewood (higher cost than Southern pine), or if you would opt for composite wood decks, which are made from recycled wood fibers like Trex and TimberTech for pool decks. These are less costly and require less maintenance. We use TimberTech and Trex composite wood brands. Overall, we offer an affordable rate for our clients, and we provide free estimates over the phone. Just provide us with the square feet to determine the right cost for your deck. Get a Free Quote for a Custom Deck!




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5/5 star customer rating



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5/5 star customer rating



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5/5 star customer rating



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Top Rated Service

Tacoma Deck Builders has been providing professional deck building services for more than a decade and only construct with the best quality materials.

Excellent Reviews

Don't believe us? Check us out on the web. Our deck building clients have great things to say about us! We take pride in our craftsmanship and professionalism.


Our deck building crews have over 100 years of experience when it comes to planning, designing, and constructing decks, porches, pergolas, and more!

Built With Care

Tacoma Deck Builders focus on customer service from beginning to end. We never sacrifice quality when it comes to our deck building construction projects. 

Client Comes First

Our professional deck design team has been helping our customers build dream decks for over a decade. Tacoma Deck Builders keeps a strong relationship with every client, even after the project.

Licensed & Insured

Rest assured that our deck building contractors are licensed and insured by the state of Washington. We take caution when it comes to protecting not only our brand but our customers as well. 


Building Durable & Eco-Friendly Tacoma Decks

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Exceptional Deck Builder Services

When thinking of a deck addition, you probably are picturing the perfect wooden deck with the exact space for your grill and outdoor furniture, creating the perfect entertainment or relaxation area for your backyard.


You’re right! Full deck builds offer a rewarding way to improve the look, feel, and value of your home. Homeowners often see a large return when they invest in beautifying their backyards, but nothing beats a high-quality deck made to last. Just adding a picture of a backyard with a beautiful deck to a home listing can increase the selling price by thousands of dollars.


However, it’s really about enjoying those beautiful Washington days outside. There’s no place better to do so than on a customized deck installation.

There are a few things that go into designing the perfect, custom deck. For one, we always want to understand the layout of your home and backyard. What’s your current landscaping and housing structure look like, and what do you expect it to look like with a deck? Perhaps you want your deck to be located underneath the shade or maybe you’re actually looking for a sunny deck?


We also take safety and security in mind. We design decks with custom railings, gates, and bump-outs for BBQ grills and covered cooking areas.

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Aerial View of a backyard pool deck

Pool Deck Contractor

Looking for a pool deck or custom multi-level deck with a bump-out for your BBQ? We’ve got all kinds of ideas to create the perfect deck for your home. While wood decking continues to be the most popular, there are various types of wood materials and treatments to make your deck stand out and be completely unique.


We work closely with our clients, looking at cost, maintenance requirements, and aesthetic factors to ensure that you get a custom deck that also suits your needs. We’ll guide you through the design and setup process, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on materials, deck builds, and custom additions to satisfy your outdoor entertainment needs.

However, you can build larger decks with multiple purposes and levels. Pool decks are often sized differently because you have to consider the depth and width of the pool, as well as safe walkways around these decks. Often times a pool calls for a concrete patio rather than a composite deck. When any concrete work in necessary we consult our trusted partner company Jacksonville Concrete Pavers 

For those looking for something new and low-maintenance, composite deck designs may be just the ticket. These are low-maintenance alternatives to a traditional wood deck, but they have the same quality and look. It’s a fast-growing design that has a longer lifespan than most wood decks, but you can still simulate the look and feel of cedar or rosewood. This is because these decks are made from recycled wood fibers and recycled plastic, making them extremely durable and resilient against natural elements.

Custom Residential Decks

Ah, the fresh air never smelled so good than when mixed with your pressure-treated new red cedar deck! There are all kinds of ways to beautify your backyard, but nothing says relaxation more than space perfectly situated for long sunny afternoons, laying out and enjoying the summer heat.


Many homeowners add decks to their homes because they want a space to relax and dine outside while enjoying BBQ parties and entertainment. It’s definitely worth the investment because home shoppers love to see gorgeous wood decks with plenty of space to hang out outside.

If you want to add a traditional wood deck to your property, that’s our specialty. You can’t go wrong with high-quality wood material, especially cedar or rosewood. Of course, there are always pressure-treated Southern pine decks as well. These decks suit a number of different designs, whether you’re looking for wrap-around styles or floating decks.

Whether you are looking for a natural wood deck or want to use a low-maintenance composite material, we'll provide all of the different designs and materials possible for you to choose from.


Not only do we provide the most accurate and affordable prices for Pierce County homeowners, we

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Outdoor Patio in Tacoma

Commercial Decks

Everybody knows that Tacoma weather can be unpredictable in certain months. Hanging outdoors in the summer is a given, but you want your deck to last through the winter and spring when moisture gets into everything.


Our guarantee is that we’re always there for our clients, and we use top-notch materials to ensure the longevity and security of our custom decks. We are the deck building contractors in Pierce County that homeowners rely on because our service is dedicated and detail-oriented, we always go above and beyond for our customers.


Furthermore, we just building high-quality decks. If you can tell us your idea or need a professional opinion, we’ll excitedly draw up designs and get to work on creating your dream deck.


Whether you are looking for a small deck addition or something grander that will take your backyard to the next level, we’re the WA deck builders to hire.

Do you have a large home and lots of families to entertain? If your backyard is large enough, there’s no reason why you can’t have a multi-level deck that includes all of the entertainment and relaxation areas you’ll love.

Pergola Builders

A freestanding or attached pergola offers shade and beauty to your outdoor deck addition. Wood decks combine beautifully with custom pergolas, which are typically made from vinyl, aluminum, wood, or plastic. Plastic lumber or composite lumber looks identical to most wood types but doesn't suffer as much wear from the elements.

If you're looking to enhance your backyard, pool deck, garden, or outdoor kitchen patio, then a pergola is the right design option for you. Pergola's offer many benefits including aesthetics, and shade. Spend your summer days outside with your family under the shade of your Tacoma Deck Builders Pergola!

We have been building decks and pergolas for decades and have become efficient and cost-effective. 

Contact us for a free consultation to start your pergola project today!


Building Your Deck Into Reality.

Who Are We?

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We want to hear all about your ideas for your backyard and deck addition. How can we help with your project? We can answer all of your questions about wood materials, maintenance, and much more over the phone or in person.


We'll even provide you with a free estimate so you can get started with your deck build right away.

Still, have questions? Give us a call or check out our FAQ page!

Tacoma Deck Builders offers free quotes and estimates for everyone interested in a new deck. Call us today to schedule your appointment! (253) 265-5766

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Our Tacoma Deck Building Promise

Experience and Knowledge

Being known as the most recognized deck building company in Tacoma Washington is not a simple feat, doing so takes years of specialized training. Our contractors have worked vigorously to ensure they are the right people for the job.

Punctual Delivery

Not only does Tacoma Deck Builder contractors boast an impressive display of deck construction knowledge but with that knowledge also comes flawless deck projects.

Quality Material

Tacoma deck Builders are far from amateurs when it comes to deck building knowledge, our work and material reflect this. Providing only the pinnacle decking supplies and services, we guarantee our clients quality solutions. 

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We had trouble coming up with a solid design for a deck to add to our newly purchased home in Tacoma. The terrain was somewhat difficult to build on, or so we thought! Tacoma Deck Builders' design team showed us what we needed to do an helped us through the ENTIRE process.

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